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Specifications never say, “Build to lowest acceptable standards.”

Landmark has built its reputation on the composite elevated tank, but also on other specialized applications of design, engineering and construction.  Landmark’s innovative processes include a highly evolved system of concrete placement, the precise fabrication and erection of steel plateworks, and the rigorous training and efficient scheduling of a skilled, highly motivated workforce with specialized field crews.  How we build is equally important as what we build, and Landmark’s operations reflect a full range of integrated functions, and a commitment to self-performing work to ensure the best results.

Principal locations:

Fort Worth, Texas  is the base of operations for Landmark’s program and project management, as well as sales, marketing and administration.  This central location provides easy access to project locations across the country, with convenient, cost-effective air and ground logistics. 


Decatur, Texas is the site of Landmark Fabrication LP, an advanced fabrication facility with the latest in equipment.  It includes one of the largest CNC controlled plasma cutting surfaces available in the United States, and welding operations that can accommodate plateworks of up to 50 feet, enabling a maximum degree of fabrication in controlled plant conditions.

Wheaton (Chicago), Illinois is the location of Landmark’s design and engineering team, with a staff of experts who have developed many of the codes and standards that guide the industry, and specializing in high capacity elevated structures, geotechnical and foundation issues, and building to seismic standards.


Burlington, Ontario, Canada is the home of Landmark’s Canadian operations, serving that market with project management, fabrication of specific components and appurtenances, tank maintenance services and administration.

At all company and project locations, Landmark leadership, staff and contractors focus on working where safety, quality and efficiency intersect—known internally as “The Zone.”  Keeping these three factors in constant priority for business and operations practices enables Landmark to consistently deliver the best products, projects, and costs.


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