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We set a high standard when we chose our name, so every project must achieve Landmark status.

Our philosophy at Landmark is simple:  Setting and advocating the highest standards.  We deliver on three fronts:


Comprehensive attention to every detail, demonstrated by the operating efficiency and superior aesthetics that make our projects stand apart in the industry


Dedication to collaborative project management, thorough execution and the resolve to do things right--and to making the experience of working with us as good as the result


Providing the best capital and life cycle cost, in a compelling and competitive offering

These principles drive us because of what we believe—that highly visible infrastructure and projects that some regard as merely utilitarian should be more than just adequate—they should fulfill higher expectations, and the highest practical standards.  If you’re going to build it, you ought to build it right.

At Landmark, we can deliver on the high standards we set, because they are supported by the accessible, accountable and responsible culture we have created, and the values that enable it to thrive:

  • Our clients and partners are the essence of our business, and their satisfaction provides opportunities for growth

  • Our employees are the keys to long term relationships, which they build by doing things right

  • Our work is the ultimate, enduring mark of our organization, and must display excellence in every respect.

We are pleased to share our philosophy with you, and look forward to demonstrating it on your next project.  Learn more about how we think and work throughout our site.


Check out what our employees are doing through Mission Landmark.


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