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Civil Work


Site development

Site selection, analysis and preparation are core competencies for Landmark, refined in civil work and hundreds of design-build projects over the past 25 years. Our knowledge of soil types, drainage and compaction requirements, and close work with geotechnical specialists throughout North America enables us to provide valuable insights as well as execution on your project. For related details and an example, see the geotechnical investigation specification provided in Resources/Specifications and drawings.

Foundation engineering and construction

Landmark places a significant emphasis on foundation design and engineering, as it provides an opportunity to precisely match a solution to site conditions, while also achieving a balance between functionality and cost. The most efficient recommendation--whether a concrete mat, piers, or other configuration—can provide good value and set the tone for a project. Landmark has designed and built all types of foundations for composite elevated tanks as well as other projects. Depicted here is the early stage of a pour for a new 3.5 million gallon elevated tank—one of our largest foundations to date.


Concrete structures

Our skill in achieving architectural concrete, defined by the American Concrete Institute as having uniform color, an absence of defects, and aligned and even surfaces, is testimony to Landmark’s commitment to building concrete structures that combine aesthetic as well as functional excellence. Architectural concrete is comparable to pre-cast concrete in its precision and consistency, and since it is permanently exposed to view, the Portland Cement Association cites the special care required in the selection of concrete ingredients, forming, placing, consolidating and finishing to obtain the desired appearance. This is the standard that Landmark sets for its work, and inadequate attention to these processes will generate results that fall far short of their potential.

With more than 10,000 wall placements and half a million cubic yards of concrete poured, Landmark’s concrete specialists are experts in managing mix designs, the critical impact of atmospheric conditions on the pour process, rigorous quality control procedures, and the all-important involvement of their supplier partners. The result is a superior track record in an area that has become a true specialty.


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