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Design and Engineering

 Just as Landmark’s business continues to expand and evolve, there are also many dimensions to its design and engineering function—the “design” component of design-build. 

 As a design-build company, Landmark has a broader perspective on the engineering function, and takes ownership of its work right through to project completion. Our design, engineering and detailing staff are experts on the technical challenges that lie beneath the outwardly simple lines and shapes of tanks, and employ the most advanced tools. Their expertise extends to related civil and mechanical systems, and helps to constantly devise the best construction and repair procedures. And at every stage of progress, Landmark adheres to all AWWA, API, and ASME codes.
Each project presents its own technical challenges, even with repetitive products or structures. For example, Landmark’s design and engineering group applies specific knowledge and resources to a wide range of issues, including: 
  • Running finite element models to predict dynamic forces in high seismic areas
  • Using non-linear buckling analyses to determine the optimum tank cone configurations
  • Employing computational flow dynamics to design tank mixing systems
  • Working with geotechnical analyses to achieve the most efficient foundation solutions for the prevailing soil conditions
The design, engineering and detailing area is a crucial part of the added value that Landmark brings to clients and partners.

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