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Steel Fabrication and Erection

Tank and component fabrication

With a unique range of capabilities and flexibility, Landmark Fabrication’s high capacity steel tank and component operations incorporate the finest equipment, materials and talent. Our extensive use of mill-primed steel plate eliminates mill scale and preserves the blast profile. Plus, the ability to roll wide plate to precise tolerances reduces welding requirements, simplifying production and enhancing results. Situated in the Decatur Landmark Industrial Park, functions at our strategic North Texas location cover four primary areas, all with the latest technology:

Cutting. Koike Aronson Plasma Cutting: One of the largest cutting areas available in the United States, at 12’ x 108’. High Definition system creates superior edge quality to conventional plasma on mild steel up to 1.5” thick. Contour Beveling saves tremendous time in preparing parts for welding operations.
Rolling. Faccin Four-Roll Double Pinch Bending: Accommodates 12’ wide material—rolls cones as well as cylinders. CNC controls can program automatic production of components, as well as automatic feed and positioning from the 13’ x 41’ table.
Press forming. This function produces precise spherical and double curved shapes, with a 750 ton capacity. It provides the ability to dish plate from 3/16 to 2” thick at any radius or custom-formed shape.
Welding. 10’ x 60’ Gantry Welder: Equipped with four each 350 amp flux core welding machines. Ideal for long continuous fillet welds of up to 50’. Can weld either flat bars or beams to plate. Additional precision welding equipment for smaller component operations located in separate bay.
Material Handling. Inside the facility, two 15-ton and two 10-ton PHD cranes in Bay One can be synchronized to work together from one remote control for exceptionally heavy or long items. On the other side of the central truck lane for loading and unloading, three 15-ton PHD cranes in Bay Two utilize dual 7.5-ton hoists and are ideal for long plate or structural materials. Outside, similar crane systems enable efficient management of the main raw material storage area.

Landmark Fabrication’s ability to meet the most demanding configurations and requirements sets a higher standard for quality and productivity.

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Steel erection

Landmark carries the quality and refinements achieved in fabrication right through to steel erection on the project site, where we consistently implement process improvements for faster, safer and more accurate construction. Recent examples include the cable suspension of steel plate for welding and finishing, which eliminates the need for cumbersome jigs, reducing cycle time and increasing quality…and the ceramic backing of weld areas to streamline procedures and cut surface preparation requirements for coatings.



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