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Skilled Trades

Our opportunities in project crews and skilled trades include the following specialties:


  • General crew member / laborer / leadman / journeymen
  • Civil / concrete construction (site work, set-up and dismantling of forms, tying rebar, placing concrete)
  • Steel construction / field (welding, grinding, setting up jigs, scaffolding, loading/unloading trucks
  • Crane operation (hydraulic cranes up to 50 ton capacity; includes other crew functions)
  • Coatings application (surface preparation and painting)
  • Steel fabrication / production facility (cutting, rolling, welding (MIG, TIG, FCAW. Stick, Torch, Plasma), press forming, material handing, etc.)
  • Superintendents (assistant, general)

A creative approach to project crew travel and scheduling

At Landmark, the effectiveness of our project crews is the focal point of our operations. All other functions are geared to enabling their performance, including our approach to travel and scheduling. Unlike many other firms, Landmark provides travel expense coverage or reimbursement, subsistence / per diem pay for meals and incidental expenses, and lodging options for employees who travel to project sites. Depending on locations and distances from home, this involves a combination of air travel, company trucks for project crews, and an elective Hotel Accommodation Program (HAP) with pre-negotiated rates.

For more information on opportunities in skilled trades / project crews at Landmark, check the Current Opportunities page, or contact Human Resources via the Contact Us page.


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