Landmark Tank Services Reports Recent Project Completions
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Landmark Tank Services Reports Recent Project Completions

Fort Worth, TX (13-04-2010)

Landmark Tank Services has completed a variety of recent projects for customers in the API Build/Repair segment:

  •  Industrial specialty chemical customer on U.S. Gulf Coast: Erected new 316L API650 36 foot tall tank in congested operating area. Clearances on three sides were less than 3 feet.

  • Industrial chemical intermediates customer on U.S. Gulf Coast: Erected two new 304L API650 tanks and installed new 304L bottom in existing carbon steel API650 tank. Repair involved jacking the tank in place.

  • Water treatment customer north of Houston: Repaired tank floor and shell that was deformed due to being over-pressured. Repair involved jacking the tank in place in a congested operating area.

  • Air Force Base in central Texas: Made extensive bottom and roof repairs on an existing 25,000 BBL API650 fuel tank and recoated the interior and exterior.

  •  Air Force Base in CA: Replaced floating roof seals in an existing 10,000 BBL API650 jet fuel tank and installed new stilling wells.

  • Exploration and Production Company in central Texas: Made repairs to the roofs of operating collection tanks using non-sparking repair methods.

About Landmark…

  • Founded in the US in 1985, with the market-transforming introduction of the composite elevated tank for water storage.
  • Advanced from innovator to market leader through excellence in execution—with composite elevated tanks now the primary solution for large capacity storage of up to 3.5 million gallons in North America.  Businesses now include Spheroid Elevated Tanks for water storage; API Build/Repair of tanks and systems in military, industrial and petrochemical markets; and specialty coatings applications. 
  • Committed to a philosophy of higher standards…and to new opportunities leveraging competencies in water, energy and the environment.
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