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Your partner in the procurement process

As a design-build contractor, Landmark can serve as your end-to-end, full scope resource, providing expert guidance at each step of the water storage procurement process—from siting, budgeting, and geotechnical evaluations…on through preparation of a final project specification. We offer the following resources to help you make the most informed decisions at each stage:

Composite elevated tank / Standard drawings

This link provides basic elevation and plan views for a standard tank configuration, which can be incorporated into your system for further detailing and development.  Elevation View: PDF  DWG    Plan view: PDF  DWG

Composite elevated tank / Guide for a geotechnical investigation

This link provides a brief introduction and guidelines for conducting a geotechnical/soils evaluation, to facilitate the consideration of foundation options and the design process.  Memo and Guidelines: PDF      Memo: DOC      Investigation Guidelines: DOC

Composite elevated tank / Life cycle cost evaluation program

As previewed in Water Storage/Composite elevated tank/Cost advantage, this Excel-based program can project and compare the future recoating costs of a composite elevated tank with all-steel spheroids, fluted columns, and multi-legged configurations at equivalent capacities and high water levels (HWL), with standard cost and interest rate assumptions. It is instrumental in highlighting the dramatic maintenance cost savings that can be achieved with the composite tank, and in identifying the degree of future budget requirements that can be avoided

Details of the Comparative Analysis Program  PDF   DOC

Example of .50 MG comparison XLS

Example of .75 MG comparison XLS

Example of 1.0 MG comparison XLS

Example of 1.5 MG comparison XLS

Example of 2.0 MG comparison XLS

Example of 2.5 MG comparison XLS

Example of 3.0 MG comparison XLS

Life cycle cost analysis program (Available upon request with project details via the Contact Us page

Composite elevated tank / Sample bid evaluation

The significance of the composite maintenance advantage and its impact on total ownership cost is demonstrated in the bid evaulation for a 1.5 MG elevated tank conducted by the City of Portage, MI, provided here: PDF

Composite elevated tank / Sample site plan

Composite tank projects require certain minimum site dimensions for the construction process, including crane access and lay-down areas for components. This sample site plan will identify the basis requirements and provide helpful guidelines.  (PDF).

Composite elevated tank / Detail drawings

Virtually every composite tank project includes some of the most popular accessories and options, so this area provides detail drawings on 12 often-specified configurations, such as wall penetration for inlet/outlet piping, supports for structural floor framing, and more…to make your design process as complete and accurate as possible. (PDF and DWG format available on request with project details).

Composite elevated tank / Recommended specification

One of the critical objectives of the procurement process is a well-written project specification, the basis for bid phase. It should accurately and precisely reflect all of your objectives, including the experience factors of contractors and the equipment and procedures they will use to achieve desired standards such as architectural concrete. The example provided is based on Landmark’s extensive track record and industry leadership, and can serve as an excellent starting point for your project. PDF  DOC

Composite elevated tank / Project budget information  

Landmark can provide up-to-date budget parameters for your basic requirements, based on current material costs and trends, as well as other key factors to assist in your planning process. Since every project and location is unique, please submit your request (with location, capacity, and dimensions if possible) via phone or e-mail by visiting the Contact Us page.

Spheroid elevated tank / Standard drawings

This link (coming soon) provides basic elevation and plan views for a standard tank configuration, which can be incorporated into your system for further detailing and development.

Spheroid elevated tank / Recommended specification

This project specification reflects Landmark’s expertise as a leading tank builder, and can serve as the basis for an effective, well-planned project. PDF   DOC

Landmark is ready to serve as your resource. Let’s talk about your next project.