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This section provides a wealth of detail on our signature product, the composite elevated tank.  Visit the introduction page, and watch a brief video explaining its advantages and key considerations for the specification process:  Design, Cost, and Qualifications.

On the Expert Commentaries page, respected industry leaders offer their perspectives on topics that can help guide your choice of water storage solutions and project partners, including project management, aesthetics and economics.

And on the Aesthetics page, another informative video addresses how the concrete pedestal pour process can make the difference in achieving your expectations for a successful project.
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Water Storage

Broad expertise in water storage

Landmark has built its reputation on innovative solutions for water storage. Our expertise includes the origination and market leadership of composite elevated tanks, but extends to related systems that maintain water quality and availability, including maintenance programs and mixing technologies.

In this section you’ll find an in-depth review of our signature product, which starts with an informative video on specifying a composite elevated tank, and provides yet another on a critical aspect of building the concrete pedestal. We address the economic, aesthetic, and functional advantages that have it earned it the dominant position in large capacity storage, supported by expert commentaries from leaders of municipal engineering firms who manage their development and construction for owners.

You'll also find an introduction to the Landmark spheroid elevated tank for lower capacity applications, incorporating several design, production and construction refinements over conventional spheroids. It brings higher standards and a best cost solution to the .20 to .50 MG range.

Our white papers focus on specific options and standards in the market that can enhance your decision process, and our highlights on special interest projects display some of the unique approaches we have delivered for clients.

In the Specifications & resources area, we provide guidance through the procurement process, including sizes and capacities, cost evaulation tools, a recommended base specification, standard tank drawings, as well as details on site selection, initiating geotechnical reviews, and selecting the most popular appurtenances. We conclude with Landmark’s ability to configure a custom tank mixing solution for each application, with a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis that maximizes effectiveness and minimizes hardware.

This section will continue to expand as we create more new resources to manage this essential resource for health and economic vitality.


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