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Inside the pedestal, composite elevated tanks can house several floors of office or storage space, fire or emergency stations with drive-through truck bays, water system pumping or monitoring stations, and more.

Outside, the steel tank provides unique opportunities for graphics and lighting to define and "brand" the community.

Above and beyond: Cellular antenna systems on the pedestal or tank routinely generate incremental income for owners, with plenty of potential for new and innovative applications.

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The best solution

More than 75 percent of all elevated water storage applications throughout North America are now composite tanks.  It’s the best solution for high capacity storage of up to 3.5 million gallons, and the economies of scale increase with tank capacity.


The tensile strength and watertight containment of the steel tank combines with the efficient load carrying characteristics of the reinforced concrete pedestal, for an optimum application of materials.  The pedestal transmits loads to a foundation specifically suited to local geology.  And the dry protected pedestal interior houses piping and other integrated systems, with vast opportunities for office or storage space, equipment installations, and other multiple uses.


This efficient application of materials facilitates timely design and completion for competitive capital costs.  In addition, the concrete pedestal is completely maintenance-free.  Its concrete dome supports the steel tank floor, eliminating condensation and the need for protective ceilings or barriers.  With coated steel surfaces limited to the tank itself, the maintenance savings of composite tanks is 15 to 20 percent of capital cost, or more.


The single pedestal design creates a clean, contemporary silhouette, with tank geometry and pedestal diameter configured to specific capacity and site requirements.  Architectural concrete delivers uniform pedestal color and quality, and the wide, flat surface areas on the tank provide the opportunity to create a landmark for the community with custom graphics.

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