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Expert Commentaries

John Birkhoff is the managing partner of Birkhoff Hendricks & Conway LLP.

Birkhoff Hendricks & Conway LLP, professional engineers, based in Dallas, TX, is a firm specializing in civil engineering for municipalities and governmental agencies, and has managed a wide range of water storage and infrastructure projects.

Jeff James is a vice president in the Fort Worth, TX office of Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.

Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
is a national firm providing consulting services to public and private clients for both the visible built environment—all aspects of water and sanitary sewer systems, roadways and bridges, land developments, traffic signals, airports, landscape architecture, transit systems--and the less-visible elements related to these facilities.

Jim Dunham is the principal of Dunham Engineering.

Dunham Engineering
, based in College Station, TX, is a firm specializing in water storage projects. The firm and its associates have conducted extensive analyses of elevated tank configurations based on their experience and sole focus, and are experts on cost and maintenance considerations.

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