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Market Leadership

Not only did Landmark originate the composite elevated tank, we’ve built more than anyone else—roughly 70 percent of all currently in service throughout North America. From our first composite tank outside of Toronto, built in 1978, and first US composite tank in Southlake, Texas, built in 1985, we’ve changed the elevated storage landscape and spread the benefits of this design to more than 40 states and provinces, covering all types of climates and conditions.  (The blue shading in the map graphic above indicates population density of Landmark tanks.)

We’ve also worked at the extremes of composite tank design and construction:
  • The tallest, with a high water level (HWL) of 254 feet in Farmer’s Branch, Texas
  • The largest capacity, at 3.5 million gallons, currently under construction in Centerton, Arkansas
  • The tightest site, in Falls Church, Virginia, situated in a densely populated area and restricted on all four sides by a major highway and existing buildings
  • Multiple projects involving multiple tanks, in New York, Indiana, Virginia, Colorado, and Georgia
  • The most innovative, incorporating an architecturally designed tank, water recycling system, and solar power generation, currently under construction in Austin, Texas
  • The most thoroughly tested for durability, withstanding an F5 tornado in Oklahoma intact
Our innovation of the composite design, continuous refinement of construction processes, and market leadership in large capacity elevated storage mean you can partner with Landmark with confidence.


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