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Higher standards for lower capacity requirements.

Landmark now offers an expanded range of water storage solutions, with the Spheroid Elevated Tank (SET) in the 200,000 to 500,000 gallon capacity range - bringing its established high standards of process and project management and quality to smaller capacity applications.

  • Pre-primed plate is cut, rolled, press formed and welded in the same Landmark Fabrication facility that builds assemblies for large, complex projects
  • All major components are shop-fabricated modules, produced under controlled conditions with the latest equipment and techniques to minimize and simplify work required on the jobsite
  • As with Landmark composite designs, the steel tank is almost completely built at ground level for greater safety and control of tolerances
  • Straight pedestal design concentrates thicker plate precisely where it is needed for a more effective use of materials, and facilitates a faster, safer tank erection process.


In addition to an optimized design with inherent production and construction efficiencies, the Landmark SET offers:

  • The benefits of extensive foundation design expertise for all geotechnical conditions
  • An efficient base plate design adapted from wind tower applications
  • A unique pedestal and base interface with enhanced aesthetics compared to traditional spheroids with a wide base
  • SSPC QP-1 coatings quality certification, with the option of incorporating custom logos.  Only about 230 companies in the world have earned this distinction from the Society for Protective Coatings, which recognizes technical and management expertise.




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