Construction Process
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Construction Process

A more efficient process

The Landmark Spheroid Elevated Tank construction process involves the shop-fabrication of most structural modules and the completion of major on-site tasks at ground level, to improve cycle time and control quality and safety.

The geotechnical investigation, ordered by the project owner or engineer from a qualified geotechnical engineer familiar with local soil conditions, will suggest the most appropriate foundation type and design.  Landmark typically recommends and provides the foundation design as part of its role, with seismic expertise resident within its internal engineering group.


Following engineering, submittals and mobilization, site preparation and foundation excavation proceeds.  A typical SET foundation involves pouring a seal slab, placing the anchor bolt assembly, and then pouring the base and stem.  The surrounding area is then backfilled and compacted, ready for the next phase.

Factory fabrication and coatings

All major tank and pedestal components are cut, rolled, press formed, welded from pre-primed plate in controlled plant conditions, with a high degree of pre-assembly and coating prior to delivery to the site.

Pedestal erection

The crew erects the pedestal in sections on the site, and then adds the tank access tube and roof assembly.

Tank construction at grade

Tank sections are positioned with a crane and cabling system and welded in place while securely located on the ground, providing easier access and a greater safety factor than at full height.

Tank coatings at grade

Tank coatings as well as logo templates and graphics are applied at grade, prior to the tank hoist.

Tank hoist

The straight pedestal design facilitates hoisting the tank into position, where it meets the roof assembly and it is welded in place.

Pedestal and final coatings;Electrical/Mechanical/Site work

As the project nears completion, final coatings are applied to the pedestal exterior, electrical and mechanical work proceeds, the site is graded and landscaped, and the tank is disinfected and commissioned.




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