Tank Mixing Systems
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Tank Mixing Systems

Custom solutions that minimize hardware and maximize effectiveness

All owners and operators of drinking water systems are responsible for maintaining water quality, and tank mixing systems can be an essential tool in certain situations. The objective is to achieve consistent flow patterns that:

  • Prevent a “last-in / first-out” or short-circuiting flow
  • Eliminate thermal stratification
  • Avoid stagnation or dead zones
  • Inhibit aging and and accelerated disinfectant depletion
  • Equalize chlorine residuals
  • Preclude the formation of ice caps

However, one size does not fit all, and many generic or “off the shelf” systems range from inefficient to ineffective. Landmark’s approach focuses first and foremost on a comprehensive analysis using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with Ansys CFX software. This process assesses your specific tank geometry, fill rates and system operation, and evaluates alternative mixing configurations at low, high and average flow rates to obtain the required performance. We can then recommend a solution that is optimized for your application, with a performance simulation and complete proposal including fabrication and installation.