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Special Interest Projects

Examples of unique, challenging and innovative Landmark projects

Breaking new ground in sustainability:  This one of a kind reclaimed water storage tank currently under construction in Austin, TX will feature a rainwater collection system and solar power generation, setting a new standard for appearance as well as function.   Multiple tank projects: These dual tanks in Batavia, NY are just one example of several multiple tank projects, with others near Denver, CO; Indianapolis, IN; Williamsburg, VA; and a three-tank project nearing completion outside of Atlanta, GA.   Shared services:  The cities of Keller and Westlake, TX share a border and a composite elevated tank. A split “tank within a tank” interior stores water separately for each municipality within one structure connected to two water systems.
 Style statement: This is one of four tanks built by Landmark for the city of Southlake, TX, and the second displaying an architectural steel tank treatment completely fabricated and finished by Landmark specialists. The design carries through to other municipal structures for a consistent identity.   Maximum utilization: Combining multiple use and distinctive appearance, this tank in Carmel, IN is located in a municipal complex with other buildings and infrastructure, and integrates office and storage floors into the pedestal.   Heights of accomplishment: At 254 feet, this tank in Farmer’s Branch, TX is the tallest built by Landmark to date, and efficiently serves a major water system in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex while towering over the urban landscape.
Tight constraints:  With meticulous planning, Landmark built this 2.2 MG tank on one of the most compact sites imaginable in the Tysons Corner area of this densely populated Washington, D.C. suburb, bordering a major road and existing buildings.   Recognized for miles: Located in a busy retail center in Buda, near Austin, TX, this tank serves as a beacon with the strong impact of its elaborate graphics and flawless concrete pedestal.    Heavy Duty: At 2.5 MG, this tank in Irving, TX is one of the larger capacity projects in Landmark’s portfolio, with many others at that level, 3.0 MG, and our largest, currently under construction in the northwest Arkansas city of Centerton, at 3.5 MG.


Landmark Spotlights

Following are brief downloadable documents spotlighting specific Landmark projects or processes.  They demonstrate how we work with clients and partners to deliver productive solutions.


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