Trusted Partner in Full Lifecycle Asset Management

Optimizing your Asset’s Lifecycles

Landmark has over 50 years’ experience specializing in the design, construction and long-term maintenance of storage tanks and vessels.

Our experts provide comprehensive inspections, condition assessments, turnkey maintenance and repair, and customized full-service asset management plans to maximize the service life of our critical infrastructure.

We ensure regulatory compliance, protect warranties, and reduce operational risks and cost through greater asset reliability, efficiency, and maintainability.

Inspections and Condition Assessment

Infrastructure assets require inspection and maintenance at specific intervals to ensure they are safe, reliable and perform their designed functions throughout their useful life. Our teams conduct inspections and provide comprehensive reporting of condition, recommended maintenance, and upgrade requirements.

Worker with Gloves working on Structure
Workers cleaning water tower

Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Upgrades

Landmark offers comprehensive maintenance plans with turnkey repair solutions, safety upgrades, and recommended maintenance strategies. Our teams can be deployed quickly to minimize downtime and unnecessary cost.

Protective Coating Systems

We are a full-service specialty coatings and linings applicator offering protection systems for both concrete and steel surfaces.

Workers painting protective coating to water tower
Workers adding protection to a water tower

Tank Asset Management Program (TAMP)

Our TAMP program offers protection, security, and reliability for the long term – regardless of age or condition of your tank.

Spotlight Projects

The Region of York required complex deliverables and plans to prioritize capital expenditures on 34 tanks. Landmark developed a detailed Annual Risk Based Capital Plan and 20-year Infrastructure Improvement Program (IIP).

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