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At Landmark, we are determined to solve for special requirements and add value on every project, regardless of the complexity.

We partner with our customers to develop solutions for numerous applications including dual zone structures, water hammer mitigation, water reclamation, thermal energy storage and special architectural features.

Dual Zone

To effectively manage cost or tight site constraints, Landmark has developed solutions for serving two pressure zones in a system from a single structure.

Hurricane Proofing

The robust pedestal of Landmark’s CET is effective for protecting sensitive electrical, controls and pumping equipment from high winds and tidal surge in coastal environments.

Reclaimed Water

Landmark’s CET is well suited to provide large capacity storage and pressurization for water reclamation systems and sustainability projects.

Multiple Use

Landmark’s CET provides cost effective space within the concrete pedestal that can be finished out on multiple floors for office space, control rooms, storage, etc.

Water Hammer Mitigation

Elevated tanks provide effective damping of pressure spikes within a system. This significantly reduces the wear and increases the lifespan of connected pipe, fittings, and equipment.

Architectural Landmarks

The CET provides communities the opportunity to make an aesthetically pleasing structure even more distinctive. Special architectural features include custom geometry, lighting, logos, and finishes can create a unique landmark and identity.

Multiple Tanks

Multiple tanks on the same site provide operating flexibility for seasonal demand, as well as uninterrupted service for cleaning and maintenance operations. Landmark has designed and constructed numerous projects with twin CETs.

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