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The Ground Storage Tank (GST) is a cylindrical welded steel water tank built at grade-level on a reinforced concrete foundation.

Landmark has expertise in engineering, fabrication, and construction of GSTs in capacities ranging from 100,000 – 15,000,000 USG in accordance with AWWA D100 standards.

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Project-Specific Tank Budgets

Landmark offers fully customized project budget estimates for all major tank styles.

  • Tailored to your project specifications
  • Fully inclusive of all project costs
  • Regionally adjusted for labor, materials, and current market conditions

We provide the most accurate, and detailed budgets in the industry.

Lifecycle Analysis

To select the best solution, Landmark provides a present value lifecycle cost analysis which combines a detailed assessment of:

  • Capital cost
  • Ongoing maintenance and repair costs
  • Other significant project specific costs

Impact of long-term inflation and interest are included to provide the full and accurate cost over the life of the asset – presented in today’s dollars.

The Landmark Difference

There are several variations of steel roof designs available for a GST.

Butt welded self-supporting dome roofs have no internal structural support members and result in the highest quality, low maintenance internal surface that performs exceptionally well in the vapor zone.

Welded Steel Ground Storage Types

Ground storage tanks have 2 primary sub-categories:

Reservoir (GST-RES)

Diameter is larger than height. This tank style provides economical storage when located on high ground that is directly adjacent to the service area. They may also be configured with pumps that run continuously to pressurize a water system.

Standpipe (GST-STP)

Height is greater than diameter. The upper part of the tank is typically used as operating storage for a gravity fed application. The lower range is used to elevate the upper range, or it may provide reserve water storage.

GST Steel Tank Construction

Experts in Ground Storage Applications

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