Elevated Tanks

An Improvement on the Standard

Improved Standards for All-Steel Tanks

Choosing the right configuration for your requirements is the key to achieving the most efficient water storage solution.

Landmark’s Spheroid Elevated Tank (SET) is a low maintenance design best suited for capacities between 200,000 – 500,000 USG.

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Project-Specific Tank Budgets

Landmark offers fully customized project budget estimates for all major tank styles.

  • Tailored to your project specifications
  • Fully inclusive of all project costs
  • Regionally adjusted for labor, materials, and current market conditions

We provide the most accurate, and detailed budgets in the industry.

Lifecycle Analysis

To select the best solution, Landmark provides a present value lifecycle cost analysis which combines a detailed assessment of:

  • Capital cost
  • Ongoing maintenance and repair costs
  • Other significant project specific costs

Impact of long-term inflation and interest are included to provide the full and accurate cost over the life of the asset – presented in today’s dollars.

The Landmark Difference

All major SET components are shop-fabricated modules, produced under controlled conditions with the latest equipment and techniques to minimize and simplify work required on the jobsite.

The steel tank is constructed at ground level for greater safety and control of tolerances.

The SET Advantage

The Spheroid Elevated Tank, with its single pedestal design and fewer exposed structural components, provides a significant maintenance cost advantage over multi-legged tanks.

With tank access inside the pedestal, the design provides a higher level of safety, reduced liability, and protection from vandalism and unauthorized climbers.

In addition, the modern clean lines and single support provides superior aesthetics.

SET Hoist

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