Several Landmark Projects Nearing Completion
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Several Landmark Projects Nearing Completion

Fort Worth, TX (12-04-2010)

Several significant Landmark projects are currently nearing completion in the second quarter, making 2010 a year of many “firsts” for the company. 

  • Victorville, CA:  Landmark has completed the first composite elevated water storage tank in the State of California. The new 1.0 million gallon tank is located in Victorville, a city of approx. 110,000 in San Bernadino County, about 80 miles northeast of Los Angeles. It will handle recycled water as part of the city’s water infrastructure, and was constructed on land adjacent to a golf course and the Southern California Logistics Airport, formerly George Air Force Base. 

    The project highlights the rapid advance of the composite elevated configuration to the preferred choice for large capacity water storage in North America, with a strong presence in most of the 50 United States and 10 Canadian Provinces. The Victorville project’s location in a high seismic area also underscores Landmark’s foundation design expertise, and significant experience in building structures to new, more stringent seismic codes and requirements.

    In addition, Landmark met all of the workplace safety and process requirements of The State of California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, also known as Cal/OSHA. As in certain other regulatory areas, California’s standards are often higher than those of the Federal Government.

  • Austin, TX:  The first “green” composite elevated tank, which integrates a new and unique tank configuration as well as rainwater collection and solar power generation, is nearing an anticipated May completion.  Landmark is building the project for the Austin Water Utility, which will utilize its added capacity, along with upgrades to a related treatment facility, to expand the reach of its innovative reclaimed water network.  The 2.0 million gallon capacity tank was designed to complement the surrounding Mueller area, a former airport site now undergoing redevelopment.  It makes a strong statement about the city’s comittment to sustainability, and the potential for green infrastructure.

  • Centerton, AR:  Landmark is completing the largest composite elevated tank built to date, a 3.5 million gallon version for the Benton Washington Regional Public Water Authority in northwest Arkansas.  One example of the sheer capacity of the structure:  the project team successfully coordinated the temporary shut-down of water service to residents in the area to perform water main tie-in with the 36-inch diameter ductile iron piping.  Final tank coatings and graphics are scheduled for May, with project completion anticipated in June.


About Landmark…

  • Founded in the US in 1985, with the market-transforming introduction of the composite elevated tank for water storage.
  • Advanced from innovator to market leader through excellence in execution—with composite elevated tanks now the primary solution for large capacity storage of up to 3.5 million gallons in North America.  Businesses now include Spheroid Elevated Tanks for water storage; API Build/Repair of tanks and systems in military, industrial and petrochemical markets; and specialty coatings applications. 
  • Committed to a philosophy of higher standards…and to new opportunities leveraging competencies in water, energy and the environment.
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